• TS. Markfed - an apex organization in the Coop. Sector with a net membership of 552, cooperatives throughout Telangana.
  • We undertake activities to serve the farmers through the network of PACS, DCMS, AMCs, and village organizations of self-helps groups.
  • We Undertake price support operations as agent to State Govt. & GOI to provide remunerative prices to the farmers, for their produce.
  • Markfed is nominated as Nodal agency for procurement, maintenance of buffer stocks and distribution of Fertilizers to market at MRP.
  • We supply quality Seeds to the farmers under Govt. subsidy schemes.
  • We provide storage and custom services to farmers, through our godowns confined to Telangana State.
  • We provide storage facility to the farmers scattered over Telangana area to the extent of 84,000 MT capacities.
  • We promote and set up Agri-based units to get value addition for the produce of the farmers and to generate rural employment and produce “Nandi Brand” Cattle Feed.
  • We create a database of market prices of various agricultural commodities & market intelligence for the use of farmers & cooperatives through Markfeds website.