Markfed Feed Mixing Plant at Chinthakunta, Karimnagar (Dist) was established in the year 2013 with a capacity of 3,000 MT’s per month with an aim to serve the farming community by supplying nutrition feed to their milch animals.


TS MARKFED is supplying different variants of cattle feed with good quality at economical rates. The details are as below

Ex-Factory Rates

Sl. No Type Variety Crude Protein(%) Rs. per MT Rs. per Bag ( 50 Kg)
1 Mash Dairy-Feed-I 12-14 12,200 610
2 Dairy-Feed-II 15-16 13,100 655
3 Pellet Nandi Gold 15-16 13,600 680
4 Nandi Supreme-I 15-16 14,500 725
5 Nandi Supreme-II 17-18 16,200 810

In addition to the above we are also supplying other feeds like Bull Feed, Calf Starter, Calf Mixture etc., as per the customer specifications, MARKFED’s Cattle Feed is sold on brand name of “NANDI BRAND FEEDS”which is very popular among the farmers & Dairy Industry of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Tamilnadu.

Plant Performance

Sl. No Year Sales (Quintals) Sales (Values in Rs. in Cr.)
1 2014-15 7511 1.03
2 2015-16 31523 4.54
3 2016-17 48809 6.69
4 2017-18 23275 3.70
5 2018-19 14471 2.41

Cotton Ginning & Pressing unit at Adilabad

TS MARKFED is establishing a modernized Cotton Ginning & Pressing unit at Adilabad with a daily production capacity of 400 bales / day. For taking up this project TSMARKFED has taken up with an estimate of Rs.7.35 Cr. This plant is completed and is proposed for engaging the plant for processing of raw cotton purchased by Cotton Corporation of India under MSP operations.